Talk of the Towers Toastmasters Club #5446

President’s Letter 2017-2018


It is my honor to welcome you to “Talk of The Towers Toastmasters.” Here you’ll find an eclectic team of professionals dedicated to improving both our communication and leadership skills in a warm and supportive environment.

There are many reasons why people seek a Toastmasters club. Some have a fear of public speaking, while others want to improve their natural talent. Despite different reasons, the one common factor is growth. For more than 90 years, Toastmasters International has helped many to improve their communication and leadership skills. Toastmasters, however, is not a classroom but a community in which we learn from each other.

The incoming President chooses a motto for the club and this year it is “Direct Your Destiny”. We often use the word fate and destiny interchangeably. There is a distinction between fate and destiny. Fate is passive, the life that we get to lead when there is no effort to put ourselves on the path to greatness. Destiny is our potential waiting to emerge out of us, when we chose to break free, to live an inspired life, to be willing to put in the extra effort that gets us out of our comfort zone. Life does happen outside our comfort zone. What if we chose to live a life daily that amplifies our belief in ourselves and others, that creates and sustains us? What if our “fate” is in our hands? What if we get to direct our destiny this way? We have immense power within ourselves, only if we choose to believe in it and take inspired action.

Joining Toastmasters is a sensational opportunity to get out of our comfort zone. I have been a Toastmaster for 15+ years. Every time I get up to speak at the podium or chose to lead, I realize something more about myself. I am never the same person that I was five minutes ago. By choosing to be in Toastmasters, I have directed my destiny. Now I speak up for myself, despite my fear of not being liked, I learn to cherish the values I hold strongly on my leadership path, I have learnt the power of compassion, letting go, forgiveness and collaboration, despite challenges. More importantly, I have learned to bring exuberance into my way of being. My leadership style has evolved into servant leadership, which I get to exercise within Toastmasters immensely. Yes, my destiny is being directed!

Let us consider the club composition and structure.

Club Members

Our club is an embodiment of diversity that is New York City. Our membership is comprised of individuals from all walks of life. We have business executives, retirees, entrepreneurs, creative artists, teachers, engineers, architects and more. This melting pot of flavors ensures that every meeting is filled with a medley of speech topics and ideas.

Meetings – Frequency and Structure

Our two-hour meetings occur every 1st, 3rd and if applicable, 5th Tuesday of each month. The general structure includes:

  • Prepared Manual Speeches – members prepare a speech to meet the objectives in the various Toastmaster Manuals.
  • Table topics – members and guests could speak extemporaneously on a new topic for one to two minutes.
  • Evaluations – overall feedback on the meeting and individual speech evaluation including timing, use of grammar and verbal crutches.

Club History

Our club was started in 1990 in 1 World Trade Center; hence the name, Talk of the Towers. Over the past 26 years we have maintained a tradition of support and excellence. We have achieved numerous awards from Toastmasters International including “President’s Distinguished”, “Perfect 10/Club Excellence” because of members achieving their goals as leaders and communicators.

Looking Ahead

Join us and Direct Your Destiny too. My leadership team and I are happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to this great club – “Talk of the Towers”.

All my best,
Vidya Rajagopalan ACS, ALS



 Club Officers Name Email
President Vidya Rajagopalan
Vice President Education Rebecca Shustef
Vice President Membership Miranda BeVier
Vice President Public Relations Scott Gelber
Secretary Renzo Hidalgo
Treasurer Xiuqing Chen
Sergeant-at-Arms Bobby Graziano


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